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Business Mobile Data Management 

We offer data packages as per the business needs. Our data offers include SIM only packages, pocket routers or LTEs.  


Mobile Data Management services provided by Turrito GSM include:

  • New cellphone and data contracts – The team will assist with paperwork, delivery and activations of all contracts. 

  • Upgrades of existing cellphone and data contracts- A suggested cost savings will also be offered to ensure you get the required package at the lowest price possible. 

  • SIM swaps and line unlocks – The required paperwork will be sent out by the team to the client and will liaise directly with the networks to ensure this is done in the fastest time possible. 

  • Network Porting– The team will provide you with paperwork for the port and assist in choosing the best package suited for your needs.  

  • Blacklisting of stolen phones - With the access directly into the network platforms, this gets done faster than having to wait in a call centre queue.  

  • Loading of additional data bundles -The team has direct access to doing this on the portal so it's fast and efficient.  

  • Creating call limit locks- Prevent bill shock at the end of the month with all paperwork required provided by the team.  

  • Invoices and statements - Obtaining this information will be much quicker than waiting for the service provider to send it to you. 

  • Data usage and call queries -The team will be able to tell you how much data and minutes are left on a contract. If you need details of usage on a certain number, the team can provide this for you. 

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